Since its very inception, MCES has been organizing workshops and international conferences on a wide range of topics from intercultural communication to internationalization of higher education to the contemprory issues in India- EU relations. Through CoE we will continue to create opportunities and open platforms for young researchers and academicians to be able to learn, network and have an open dialogue on a wide array of themes.

Some of the events happen throughout the academic year and the other bigger events are updated well in advance. Information for our upcoming events and their updates can be found on our events calendar.

 Workshops on European Literature

The workshops are mainly designed as outreach activities of the Department and the Centre to create awareness about European Society and Culture through literature. As most of the literature departments in Indian universities and colleges already introduce the students to a lot of European writers, they come across as interesting target audiences for such workshops. The young students who participate in these workshops may also get interested in European Studies master program and lead to increased number of applications.

These workshops would be offered with different titles like the Literary World of Europe: Discovering Key Works Through Kannada and the like. The Workshop is conceptualized in a format that seeks to generate interest in European literature among undergraduate students of literature and encourages the expression of critical perspectives in the local language: Kannada.

Two such workshops are planned every semester; one in a rural or semi-urban college reaching an audience that might not be exposed to the best of readings and one such event in big city urban spaces where students could be brought back to books and reading.

The workshops are designed with an aim to create an audience that reflects on European literature with a native cultural orientation. This may result in popularity of European literature among young audience and may create more interest in understanding European society and culture.

When- Two per semester as per Host institution’s semester schedule

Click here to download draft program for the workshops