Workshop ‘Dialogues on International Relations - Theme: Indian & Western Responses to Russia-Ukraine War: A Review’ at Govt First Grade College and Centre for PG Studies Thenkanidiyoor-June 8, 2022
Young Researcher’s Forum (YRF) PhD Doctoral Colloquium, presentation by Ms Sharal T Correa, Research Scholar, MCES-May 26, 2022
Workshop on 'Statistical Package for the Social Sciences' by Dr Vani Lakshmi, Dept of Data Science, PSPH, MAHE-May 11, 2022
Workshop on ‘European Literature and Literary Theories’ at Department of Languages, MAHE-April 18-19, 2022
Special Lecture on 'Internationalization of Higher Education: A Battle for Soft Power?’ by Dr Chetan Singai, Associate Professor, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru-April 14, 2022
Special Lecture on National Education Policy-2020 & ‘Internationalization at home’ by Dr Chetan Singai, Associate Professor, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru-April 13, 2022
Special Lecture on 'Performance and Faith: A Dialogue on Bhuta Worship' by Sri Ravi Panara, Daiva (Bhuta) Performance Artist-April 2, 2022
Lecture Series: Special Lecture on 'Islamophobia in Western Europe and the Czech Case' by Carlos Gómez del Tronco, PhD candidate, SSEES, University College London-March 23, 2022
Special Lecture on 'Populism in Europe and The Future of Democracy' by Mr Vladan Lausevic, Social and Policy Entrepreneur Co-creator, Sweden-March 5, 2022
Online Winter School 'Ethics and Aesthetics: Debates in Indian Arts, Literature, Enactment and Philosophy'-January 31 - February 4, 2022
Workshop on ‘European Literature and Literary Theories’ at Poornaprajna College, Udupi-January 27-28, 2022
Workshop on 'Global Professional Communication' at SRSMN Govt First Grade College & PG Study Centre, Barkur-January 20, 2022
Online Winter School 'EU-Asia Relations in a Multipolar World'-January 10-15, 2022
Workshop on ‘European Literature and Literary Theories’ at Rosary College of Commerce and Arts, Navelim-November 26-27, 2021
Special Lecture on 'European Parliament's Journey from a Consultative Assembly to Co-Legislator' by Mr Michael Hindley, Former Member of the European Parliament (MEP)-October 28, 2021
International Meet: India-EU Higher Education Meet Reimagining Border in Cross-border Education-October 7-8, 2021
Lecture Series: Special Lecture on 'European Green Deal: A Blueprint for India's Climate Policy' by Mr Jo Leinen, Former Member of the European Parliament (MEP)-September 15, 2021
Orientation Day 2021: MA European Studies-September 3, 2021
Special Lecture on 'Strategic Autonomy and EU's Foreign Trade Agreements' by Dr Margarita Starkeviciute, Former Member of the European Parliament (MEP)-June 17, 2021
Special Lecture on 'Relations of Absence: Germans in the East Indies and their Families C.1750-1820' by Dr Francisca Hoyer, Stockholm, Sweden-May 25, 2021
Special Lecture on 'From Cooperation to Contestation: Geopolitics of EU-Russia Relations' by Dr Dr Nikita Srivastava, Senior Writer and Researcher, Consortium of Indo-Pacific Researchers, Alabama, USA -April 14, 2021
Interactive Session with Ms Anna Wydra, Co-producer of Rabbit à la Berlin - Oscar Nomination, 2010, Best Short Documentary Subject-April 1, 2021
Special Lecture on 'Bologna Process, Policy Coordination and Implementation: A European Experience' by Mr David Crosier, Higher Education Policy Analyst, Eurydice, EACEA-March 18, 2021
Workshop on 'Introduction to Literary Theories' at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College, Udupi-March 12, 2021
Lecture Series: Special Lecture on 'India-EU Relations in the Post-Pandemic World Order' by Mr Niccolo Rinaldi, Former MEP and Head of Unit - AANZ, DG EXPO, European Parliament-March 11, 2021
One-Day Workshop on ATLAS.ti by Dr Praveen Hoogar, Centre For Bio Cultural Studies (CBiCS), DoR, MAHE-February 26, 2021
Special Lecture on 'Education and Identity of Roma in European Societies: Who wants Roma to be an Equal Citizen?' by Mr Roland Ferkovics, ODIHR-November 26, 2020
Special Lecture on 'Dignity, Intersectionality and Substantive Equality – A Practical Guide, Where Do We Go From Here?' by Prof Jackie Jones, Former Member of European Parliament-November 6, 2020
Special Lecture on 'Mobility in Flux: A European Response to Migration Crisis' by Dr Manuel Porto, Former Member of European Parliament-November 4, 2020
Lecture Series: Special Lecture on 'The Art of Nostalgia in WG Sebald's Austerlitz' by Dr Upamanyu Sengupta, Assistant Professor of English, Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai-November 2, 2020
Lecture Series: Special Lecture on 'The Nuances of Dante’s Religio-Poetical Vision in Context' by Dr Jibu Mathew George, The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India-October 24, 2020
Special Lecture on 'External Quality Assurance in Europe: Context, Trends, and Challenges' by Mr Goran Dakovic, Reviews Manager, European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)-October 16, 2020
Manipal Celebrates Erasmus Days-October 15-17, 2020
Lecture Series: Special Lecture on ‘Don Quixote's Cartographic Vision: Mapping, Imagination and Political Identity’ by Dr Max Ubelaker Andrade, University of Massachusetts, Lowell-September 8, 2020
Special Lecture on 'European Union and Governance in Times of Crisis' by Ms Nathalie Loiseau, Member of European Parliament (MEP)-April 8, 2020
Workshop on ‘Appreciation of Literary Text and Theory' at Alva's College, Moodbidri-February 25, 2020
Workshop on ‘Insights into Communication: India and Europe’ at Lakshmi Soma Bangera Govt. First Grade College, Kota – Padukere, Udupi-December 23, 2019
Lecture Series: Special Lecture on 'Hegemony in Global Education’ by Dr Christian Peters, BIGSSS, University of Bremen, Germany-December 9, 2019
International Meet: India-EU Engagements, A Decade in Reflection and Way Forward - Day 2-December 6-7, 2019
International Meet: India-EU Engagements, A Decade in Reflection and Way Forward - Day 1-December 6-7, 2019
Lecture Series: Special Lecture on 'Cosmopolitan and Vernacular Imagination – EU and India Comparison’ by Dr Sudarsan Padmanabhan, Associate Professor, IIT Madras-November 12, 2019
Workshop on Reading Literary Texts, Language and Communication at Government First Grade College, Hebri-August 23, 2019
Two-day workshop on Basics of Literary Theories at SDM College, Ujire-August 20 - 21, 2019
Orientation Day 2019 - MA European Studies & BA Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies- August 05, 2019
Two-day workshop on 'Basics of Literary Theories' at Poornaprajna College, Udupi for the Optional English students of Mangalore University-July 19 - 20, 2019
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in the Indian Context - 32 hour module at Dr T.M.A Pai College of Education, Udupi. March to May 2019-
Inauguration of Erasmus Information Office and Erasmus Manipal Network-May 10, 2019
MCES Student Council Election 2019 – 2020-March 09, 2019
Celebrating Matribhasha Diwas / International Mother Language Day -February 21, 2019
Mr. Michael Hindley – Former Member of the European Parliament (MEP) – visit to the Centre-February 9, 2019
Winter School 2018 – Portsmouth University, UK – Transcending Cultures-December 16 – 26, 2018
Inauguration – Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and EU Day in Manipal-December 07, 2018
Workshop on Internationalization of Higher Education Role of Research, Innovation, Quality Assurance and grants-December 20-21, 2017
RAINBOW – Re-imagining Sexuality – Intra- University Student Seminar-February 18, 2017
Reading of Nobel Prize winning book and special lecture -– February 4, 2017
Orientation day – Certificate Courses in Foreign Languages-
Four-day international workshop on Sanskrit Computational Linguistics-– January 2, 2017
The EU and Free Flows of Data – Data Protection, Trade and Law Enforcement by by Amelia Andersdotter-December 14, 2016
Behind the Scenes Black women in American theatre by Kathy Perkins-December 7, 2017
DES cricket match-December, 2016
Mahabharata Project Inauguration-October 2016
Convocation- November, 2016
Workshop on Bharatanatyam-September 2016
Lancaster Summer School – 2016-
Orientation day – 2016-