Nitesh S Anchan

Research Associate
Centre for Inter-Cultural Studies and Dialogue (CISD), MCES
Guest Faculty, Department of Philosophy
E-mail: nitesh.anchan@manipal.edu
Phone: 91 90366 21234


Nitesh S Anchan completed his MA in philosophy and had taken philosophy of animal mind as his research area for Ph. D. His current research interest includes philosophy of mind, Indian philosophy, cultural studies, ethics, political economy, philosophy of sociology and philosophy of anthropology.


Nitesh is currently engaged in research on Tulunadu as a part of the CISD project ‘Discerning India: Living Cultures of Tulunadu’. At CISD he mainly focuses on the methodological challenges presented in the question of understanding Tulu society and culture. Nitesh is also exploring the epistemological challenges presented in approaching, documenting and understanding culture. In addition to his research work, he teaches introduction to philosophy, critical thinking, academic writing and ethics in the Department of Philosophy, MAHE, as a guest faculty.