Erasmus Information Office (EIO) and Erasmus Manipal Network (EMN) was launched on the occasion of Europe Day, 2019. A catalyst in the formation of these two bodies has been the increase in queries regarding the Erasmus+ program and a rise in innovative research ideas and projects at MAHE. Where EMN represent our previous successes, EIO will look towards recreating these success stories for more students and staff in the future.

About EIO

EIO will primarily focus on providing information to students and staff about the various Erasmus+ programs like Staff and Student Mobility (ICM), Erasmus Mundus Joint Degrees, Capacity building in the field of Higher Education, Jean Monnet activities. EIO aims to be a point of information related to the Erasmus+ and other opportunities in the European Union programs. It aspires to extend support and encourage scholars at MAHE to apply for these programs and also to collaborate with other Higher Education Institutions. EIO also plans to venture into organizing information seminars at MAHE.

About EMN

The Erasmus Manipal Network (EMN) is an initiative by the Erasmus beneficiaries of MAHE. These beneficiaries comprise the Erasmus Mundus Student beneficiaries, recipients of Erasmus+ Student mobility and recipients of Erasmus+ Staff mobility for training or teaching from MAHE. EMN will establish a network wherein it would address concerns and interests of students and staff at MAHE to participate in Erasmus+ and other EU programs. Since 2013, there have been more than 60 outgoing mobilities to Europe and this encouraged to create a platform wherein the beneficiaries could come together, share, and learn from each other’s experiences, bring out do’s and don’ts for the aspiring Erasmus students and faculty members at MAHE.

General objectives
  • To encourage more student and staff participation from Manipal in Erasmus Programme
  • To share former experiences and provide information to potential Erasmus beneficiaries in Manipal about student/staff mobility to Europe
  • To organize information seminars about Erasmus Programme in different institutions within MAHE
  • To conduct information seminars and cultural sensitivity workshops for Manipal students and international students in Manipal