Dr S Ananda Teertha

Senior Research Associate
Department of Philosophy

E-mail: sagriananda@gmail.com
Phone: 91 820 2923307


S Ananda teertha joined Purnaprajna Vidyapitha (Vedanta Gurukula and Sanskrit College) at Bengaluru (1999-2011). He pursued studies in Indian philosophy and Sanskrit studies from Vidyapitha. He completed his Doctoral degree from Rashtriya Samskrit Samsthan, New Delhi in Dvaita Philosophy.


“reto dhāturvaṭakaṇikā dhṛtadhūmādhivāsanam…” – this verse from Mahabharata discusses the existence of the metaphysical world, inspires to read and study philosophy. His Gurukula education for 13 years raised a philosopher in him and made him desirous for knowledge. Tattvavada of Acharya Madhva along with Nyaya, Vyakaran, and Literature was studied by him in the Gurukula.

Currently, he is working as a Senior Research Associate in the MAHE Mahabharata research project of the Department of Philosophy, MAHE