Amrutha Bellur Yathish

Research Associate, CLIL@India Project
Manipal Centre for European Studies

E-mail: amrutha.clilindia@manipal.edu
Phone: 91 820 2922785


Amrutha Yathish has a Master of Arts degree in European Studies from the University of Latvia and Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Her scholarly interests are in the areas of languages, multilingualism, soft power, and cultural diplomacy.


Amrutha, being a research associate with the CLIL@India Project entails conducting pilot studies at different schools to test the feasibility and effectiveness of the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach in India. It also involves raising awareness and generating discussions surrounding the need to develop a bilingual model of school education to preserve and enhance the multilingual character of India. Training in- and pre-service teachers introducing them to the CLIL approach is an interesting part of the job.